A Simple Solution for a Longstanding Problem

Holdyr’s Experience ‘ControlBox’ is the first product that allows you to instantly upload your personal messages into your PBX to help keep callers stay engaged and feel appreciated. Easily let your callers know about special deals, promotions and other important events. Our easy to use interface allows you to schedule future messaging or upload and deploy on the fly.

Simple Setup and Control

As a small device you place near your system, the ControlBox allows you to easily create and upload personal messages and constantly provides your callers with fresh, never stale, musical content.


Plug and Play Setup

Simply connect the device and within 2 minutes your callers will be served as you wish. We remove many of the limitations that exist on older and current types of Music on Hold devices.


Easy to Use Interface

We wanted experience control to be as intuitive as the setup process. From here you can upload custom messages in real time, alleviating the necessity to wait on vendors or IT for new changes.

Connect to Your Existing Hardware

Sync the device with your current PBX in 1 of 3 ways:

3.5mm Audio Out

USB port

HTTP Streaming

Want greater experience control for your business?

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