Lead Generation on your largest customer touchpoint

Holdyr allows you to target, message and engage with customers in your call center. Deploy different message sets to varying customer groups, send them information, and even pop upsell and cross-sell information to the agent. And of course, there's detailed reporting on every step.

How it Works

  • 1

    Identify Inbound Call

    Incoming call triggers a CRM check to pull relevant customer data

  • 2

    Personalized Messaging

    Our software intelligently delivers tailored messages based on customer persona.

  • 3

    Agent Notification

    Service Agent is notified of customer engagement/interest with message.

  • 4

    Usage/Engagement Statistics

    We deliver reports on messaging success for refinement and campaign reform.

All New Caller Engagement

Help resolve inbound calls and engage with callers while they wait.

In-call Messaging

By creating a dynamic platform, holdyr also houses the capability to message directly to your callers without interrupting the call.

Increase up-sell opportunities

As a dynamic platform, Holdyr tracks customer engagement with your messages giving agents more insight to additional sale or purchasing opportunities.

Call deflection and education

By distributing media and information to the caller without forcing them to lose their place in line, customers increase their ability to self-service.

Want Easier Message Management for your Call Center?

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