Everyone Loves a Choice

The Holdyr music app is an innovative, cloud-based IVR solution that creates better customer experiences for callers placed in queue.

How it works

Connects to Your IVR

Gone are the days of boring elevator music. Our system seamlessly integrates with your call center to offer music personalization with no hassle or major changes.

Our system determines what content to offer the caller

Our proprietary software ensures your callers have the best listening experience available. Our system seamlessly integrates with your call center for no hassle or major changes.

Listen, skip, or select media

With enhanced control, customer experience personalization occurs at the granular level. Individual choice means happier customers with better retention and increased loyalty.

Satisfaction Increases when you give people a choice.

Customer Driven Experience

We’re appealing to a broad customer base with the types of music people already love. Using content from today’s top genres and artists, we provide your callers with a quality experience they will actually enjoy.

Content Curated for your Company

Not only do we create an experience that reflects your focus on the importance of customer service, but we can also create curated selections of music that fit and reflect your company brand.

A powerful, yet simple, solution.

Our technology allows companies to implement a dynamic solution for personalized customer experiences.

Simple User Interface

Callers are able to control their experience with just the keypad on their phone. Simple prompts in the caller journey educate customers on this all new functionality.

Dynamic Interaction

Holdyr turns an old boring caller experience into a new responsive point of engagement. Callers are now put in control of the music or media they hear when calling in.

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